A **video** tour of my zone 1 permaculture garden!

After we had some ample rain here in early January I took to the food forest and was excited about everything I came across! So I filmed a video so that I could share it with YOU but also so that I’d have video proof of what it used to look like…for years down the road! Yay!


So I am really excited to share this with you in case you don’t follow me on YouTube yet (if you don’t, you totally should, that’d be extra awesome!)!


Here the video of YouTube to tour my garden!

If you are the photo loving type here are some photos of my zone 1 garden so far! Much work to be done!








I hope you enjoy the video! And I feel like I have learned SO MUCH just in the last few weeks but I wanted to go ahead and get this up on the blog to share the journey with everyone!


Thanks for checking us out!



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3 thoughts on “A **video** tour of my zone 1 permaculture garden!

  1. Maria Nockin

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I am 20 miles south of town in Maricopa and have a similar property. Would love to know what you can raise. We feed quail and provide un poisoned habitat for rabbits, birds and bees. Contact me mnockin@icloud if you would like to correspond by email.

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