I have been absent…

….shame on me! haha! I have only been so absent from the blog because I have been heavily sharing our journey on YouTube! I found some comfort in sharing in a video format and felt a lot of things were easier to convey with that method. However, I have always been a writer at heart and so in the very near future I hope to incorporate regular blog writing into part of what we’re doing to share our journey, spread joy, help others, share our trails and errors, etc.


In the meantime, if you would like to check out what has been going on on our YouTube channel here!


Also, if you haven’t checked out our Facebook homesteading page yet please do so as I frequently share useful articles, tips and information there from other sources than just my own experiences AND I share photos of the garden and changes around the homestead DAILY! You can find our Facebook page here!


As always, thank you for checking us out, sharing our journey and always providing so much information and feedback to help me learn and grow!




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2 thoughts on “I have been absent…

  1. Jacque

    You are super inspiration! Very glad I stumbled across your video on prickly pear. I had been trying to find information on helping a p.pear of mine that’s got some weird rot/fungus thing that honestly looks almost like fire damage ( far as I know it’s never been exposed to fire). Any hoo I know you have a ton of trouble with the wind in your videos if you get a piece of foam rubber like the stuff some tempedic-y pillows are made of or perhaps just foam from a mailed package or maybe an earplug ( the squishy kind you roll with you fingers to fit your ear) and either super glue or just tape it over the microphone it will reduce 90(ish) % of the wind noise. And still pick up your voice! Here’s a short YouTube about just that https://youtu.be/Am3bxXGe72A

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