I have been absent…

….shame on me! haha! I have only been so absent from the blog because I have been heavily sharing our journey on YouTube! I found some comfort in sharing in a video format and felt a lot of things were easier to convey with that method. However, I have always been a writer at heart and so in the very near future I hope to incorporate regular blog writing into part of what we’re doing to share our journey, spread joy, help others, share our trails and errors, etc.


In the meantime, if you would like to check out what has been going on on our YouTube channel here!


Also, if you haven’t checked out our Facebook homesteading page yet please do so as I frequently share useful articles, tips and information there from other sources than just my own experiences AND I share photos of the garden and changes around the homestead DAILY! You can find our Facebook page here!


As always, thank you for checking us out, sharing our journey and always providing so much information and feedback to help me learn and grow!




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A **video** tour of my zone 1 permaculture garden!

After we had some ample rain here in early January I took to the food forest and was excited about everything I came across! So I filmed a video so that I could share it with YOU but also so that I’d have video proof of what it used to look like…for years down the road! Yay!


So I am really excited to share this with you in case you don’t follow me on YouTube yet (if you don’t, you totally should, that’d be extra awesome!)!


Here the video of YouTube to tour my garden!

If you are the photo loving type here are some photos of my zone 1 garden so far! Much work to be done!








I hope you enjoy the video! And I feel like I have learned SO MUCH just in the last few weeks but I wanted to go ahead and get this up on the blog to share the journey with everyone!


Thanks for checking us out!



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What I’m doing to learn about homesteading! **video

When you take on any new adventure, I think, it is crucial to put some time into research. There are many different ways to do this but with the invention of the internet, why not do it ONLINE! I live online; for my business, personal life, family & friends, socializing, networking and also educational and personal growth!


So when I started really “researching” homesteading, when it went from this grand idea/plan AFTER we moved to the farm, I took to the internet! I quickly found many people on YouTube who provided ample information on what they were doing on their farms, how they cook, how they raise animals, how they butcher, what they grow in their gardens, etc. Now not all the people you come across on YouTube will be 1) helpful or 2) mesh well with your style. So I watched A LOT of videos. Considering I gave up most non-educational TV watching prior to that, it didn’t take a bunch of my time I’d otherwise be spending doing something else. And it’s easy to pull up a video on another tab and just listen to people educate me while I’m working on something else for work on another tab (like now), lol!


So I wanted to share some YouTubers who I came across, fell in love with and now consider myself cyber friends with, haha! Also, I’ll go into a few books that I’ve gotten and began reading to educate myself further!


So here goes my list of favorite homesteaders I follow religiously on YouTube:

Appalachia’s Homestead: on YouTube here I love her because she’s a Southern woman in Tennessee doing her thang and man is her place tidy AND she loves those damn chickens! Lol! Love her!

Jack Spirko: on YouTube here This guy is homesteading and also does a lot of permaculture, prepper, survival type stuff so I love that!

Dirtpatchheaven: on YouTube here This woman is homesteading with her family up in Idaho and she knows A TON about a lot of different things so I love watching her! She also posts frequently which I love seeing all the new updates!

Fouch-o-matic Off Grid: on YouTube here this is a family of 5 living totally off grid in a yurt while building their home! Amazing things these people are doing and I just love their kids and their all around spirit!

Plant Abundance: on YouTube here This guy is sort of homesteading but I follow him because he is very into Permaculture and his food forest in his backyard is only 3-4 years old and is a total inspiration to me!!!

Pure Living for Life: on YouTube here  This couple recently moved to Idaho totally off grid living in a camper while they setup their off grid beginner homestead! It is truly valuable to see the whole process, the nitty gritty, from the very beginning!

Crystal Cottage Off Grid: on YouTube here This woman is in Arkansas (woo hoo, my home state) totally doing off grid living by herself, in the middle of the mountains and is just such a power house. She’s a true inspiration!


If you want to check out ALL the people I subscribe to (not all directly homesteading or gardening related, beware, lol!) you can check out MY YouTube channel here!




Books are a GREAT way to learn, one of the best I believe! I’ve always loved to read and so after going through a lot of videos online a lot of books were randomly mentioned, recommended and reviewed and so I made myself a list! And then after I got them in I did a video to show which all ones I’m starting with!




And stay tuned very soon for my first book review via YouTube as well!




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Prepping Apricot Plum tree seeds and wisteria seeds for germination AND gardening spreadsheet PLUS *YouTube video*

So I mentioned before that I ordered a good amount of seeds including some flowers and also fruit trees to start from seeds. I’m eager to try all different types and starting them from cuttings, seeds, plants, bare root, etc to further broaden my understanding of gardening and learn through trial and error.


So after making my gardening spreadsheet (which you’ll see a shot of in the video below) I realized I had 2 seeds I needed to get to work on NOW. My Japanese Flowering Apricot Plum tree seeds need to be soaked in water for 24 hours and then cold stratify in the freezer or fridge for 60-90 days and THEN they can be potted indoors to germinate. So in the video I get started on that.


Check out the video on YouTube here!!!!

And you can SCROLL DOWN for pictures of GORGEOUS TREES!!! What these babies will be one day! *swoon* Oh the day!


My Japanese purple wisteria vine I’m starting from seeds as well and they just need to soak in water for 8 hours prior to me planting those in soil indoors to germinate.


The hope is that at least 1 Apricot Plum tree will go up beside the chicken run and then I will do 1-2 in the zone 1 food forest and if the other 1-2 actually germinate for me and do well they’ll go out in the big food forest. They are beautiful flowering trees and look absolutely stunning, they should do well in our zone and I’m eager and hopeful that they all turn out well!


This is what those will look like…

Bonita Flg Apricot Mkt 4 adj-M





Ahhhh! I hope they do well here! And I can’t wait to see them looking like this in several years! Pops of light pink studded around the property in the spring, heavenly!


The purple Japanese wisteria vine is going 1 place, as of now, and that is on the pergola in the zone 1 garden that you walk under to go from the driveway to the front door. The purpose of it is to provide shade in the summer months and also just be beautiful!!!!


Here is a look at what my wisteria will look like… LOVE!







And THIS is my goal!!! Training it to go over the pergola, splendid!!!


More to come!!!




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Sheet Mulching my zone 1 Permaculture gardens *YouTube video*

So in just the first 1/4 of the book Gaia’s Garden it dives into soil fertility, reviving life in your soil and that you really have to start…for lack of a better phrase…”from the ground up”. And you do that by starting with your soil. Yes you can plant things in crappy soil and then just add fertilizer but why make yourself need to have to buy something that only gives you temporary “fertility” and then you have to redo quarterly or year? If you promote healthy soil life and then take care of it (which is actually less work than you might think) then your soil becomes living soil and it will go through the normal ecological cycles of life all on it’s own and take care of everything you have planted in it.


I just cannot say ENOUGH about the huge kudos I give to the author of this book! It has changed how I look at EVERYTHING in relation to gardening. And I have utmost confidence that I will be able to put certain things in place that will make my land here in the “barren desert” very fertile and fruitful! I just know it!


Yesterday I started working on the sheet mulching project for 2 beds in my zone 1 garden and I decided to do a video about that. I’ll be wrapping up this project in the next few days and so there will be more videos to come.


For now check out this video I put on YouTube of the sheet mulching process, layers and stages.




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Let’s take a walkabout my zone 1 garden in the future food forest! *YouTube video*

On the day everything was wet here a few days ago and I did the tour of the future food forest I decided to tour what I call Zone 1. I am only about 1/3 of the way through the book Gaia’s Gardens about home scale permaculture BUT I am learning so much. I had never thought to include my front yard in the design, doh! I had thought I’d have grass and a rose garden and just pretty flowers and that’s it. Talk about feeling like a ditz!


So, I have dubbed this my zone 1 garden in the front yard and back yard that all already is fenced in on it’s own on the 8 acres overall and the front yard already has a lot of mature trees for shade to create that “canopy” affect that you really want in a mature food forest, or really that you NEED!


So now I’ve got plans in my head, I’ve drawn them out and I’ve talked about them on our Facebook page a lot so today in this video on YouTube I do a walkabout showing you this area in “real time video” and where I plan to put things! There are so many details I do not have planned out but rather just have the frame work figured out thus far!


If you have any ideas or suggestions I’d love to hear them!




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Books I’m reading to learn about homesteading & permaculture! *YouTube video*

I have always been an avid reader and it’s something I just LOVE to do to relax and enrich my mind. Which also is why I love to write! So I knew to really dig into research for homesteading and permaculture I needed to not just troll YouTube videos of fellow like minded (awesome) people but I needed to READ, stuff from the pros! So I have an Amazon wishlist that is just for books and I tell ya…it’s a mile long! (literally 120 books in there right now) and not only is my 1 bookshelf in my living room full (of books I’ve mostly read) but each nightstand by my bed has at least 6 on it. Coincidentally, the left side is all my homesteading books and the right side is all my historical and philosophical books that I enjoy so much. So…I have plenty to read and learn from to enrich my life and “grow my brain” (as I always say) and so I will resist the urge to order more for awhile.


Now about the books; I met this wanna be future Homesteader family with like minded ideas and values on a Homesteading Facebook group and we began chatting one on one and really hit it off. So before Christmas they asked me if they could send me a present. So I asked for books! I sent them a list of 5 that I’d love to have any 1 of them and they actually sent me all 5! So I put together this video on YouTube of the books I got from them and a special shout out to them! If you love any of these or have read any, let me know!




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What I think about when I lay down to go to bed *Homestead Dreams* YouTube video

I had these thoughts swirling around in my head and I must admit I’m loving sharing my life, ideas and goals via video as it just seems to be a better use of time for me than writing out everything. I love to write and although I do see and hope the YouTube channel will grow greatly in the coming years, I still want to have this blog to house all the info, photos AND videos of that progress!


But so I decided to film this video of what I think about when I lay down to go to bed. Check it out here! So since it’s a rather long video I’ll keep this post about it short!


Have a super day!




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Making homemade fried potatoes & a new kitchen tool!!!

I was super blessed to get this DashGo peeler for Christmas from my aunt which is coming in super handy in the kitchen!! So I did a YouTube video on how it works and people are loving it everywhere! If you want to check out that video you can find it here!


I went on to use said tool to help me make my fried potatoes and I will never peel those by hand EVER again, unless I run out of batteries, lol!


So if you’re curious how you make EASY fried potatoes the southern way then you definitely want to check out the video on how to do it on YouTube! I probably won’t post or share frequently about cooking as I’m not sure how much of an audience there is for that and I’m not a pro or anything. I actually have just been honing in my cooking skills the last 12-18 mths and now I’m trying to learn how to do things the “hard” way, the old school traditional BY  HAND method for everything! As that fits greatly in with my idea of homesteading and so anything I can do to not need “modern convenience” I’m all for it.




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We have identified some of our trees!!!

I put this video on YouTube and shared it all over Facebook on local gardening groups asking for help in identifying a few trees in my front yard!


And success!!!!!!!!!



I’d like to introduce to you my 3 trees in the front yard! They are Chinese Pistache Trees! This is what they will look like in a year or two when they’re more mature and healthy AND they get passed the straggly young phase!



Chinese Pistache Tree

download (1)




pistache on kirkwood 2011 b


Love!!!!!!!! IF love was a tree I think it’d look something like this beauty!!!


Then on the west side of the front yard are two LIVE OAK trees!!!


This is what they look like young, like mine are.





And then one day when it gets a little older it’ll look like this!




I just love learning about these trees that are here so that I know how and when to prune them, how to properly care for them so that they can come back to life and be wonderful blessings on our homestead!! You will see these guys in future videos on the YouTube channel for sure!




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