09-15-15 Weed clean-up and a new plant!

I was showing a house in Arizona City and came across this beautiful plant! It reminded me of a bird of paradise but I had never seen this color before! My client told me that it is in fact a yellow Bird of Paradise plant! I was so smitten! She told me if I took a few of the seed pods on the plant that I could dry them out and then crack open the seed pods, plant the seeds and within a few months this bush would start to pop!

So, of course, I did just that! Thank goodness for awesome clients always teaching me something new! I am definitely patient enough to grow a beautiful bush for free, from the seed! I’m excited about this!

With all the rain the weeds in the driveway and front yard were getting out of control. One evening on a not so horribly hot day I got out there and got them all knocked down with the weed eater and raked up all in just about an hour! What a productive hour!

I especially love the look of the ground all raked up. I do hope someday that there is grass here though!

What can I say, clean “raked” dirt makes me happy!

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