What I’m doing to learn about homesteading! **video

When you take on any new adventure, I think, it is crucial to put some time into research. There are many different ways to do this but with the invention of the internet, why not do it ONLINE! I live online; for my business, personal life, family & friends, socializing, networking and also educational and personal growth!


So when I started really “researching” homesteading, when it went from this grand idea/plan AFTER we moved to the farm, I took to the internet! I quickly found many people on YouTube who provided ample information on what they were doing on their farms, how they cook, how they raise animals, how they butcher, what they grow in their gardens, etc. Now not all the people you come across on YouTube will be 1) helpful or 2) mesh well with your style. So I watched A LOT of videos. Considering I gave up most non-educational TV watching prior to that, it didn’t take a bunch of my time I’d otherwise be spending doing something else. And it’s easy to pull up a video on another tab and just listen to people educate me while I’m working on something else for work on another tab (like now), lol!


So I wanted to share some YouTubers who I came across, fell in love with and now consider myself cyber friends with, haha! Also, I’ll go into a few books that I’ve gotten and began reading to educate myself further!


So here goes my list of favorite homesteaders I follow religiously on YouTube:

Appalachia’s Homestead: on YouTube here I love her because she’s a Southern woman in Tennessee doing her thang and man is her place tidy AND she loves those damn chickens! Lol! Love her!

Jack Spirko: on YouTube here This guy is homesteading and also does a lot of permaculture, prepper, survival type stuff so I love that!

Dirtpatchheaven: on YouTube here This woman is homesteading with her family up in Idaho and she knows A TON about a lot of different things so I love watching her! She also posts frequently which I love seeing all the new updates!

Fouch-o-matic Off Grid: on YouTube here this is a family of 5 living totally off grid in a yurt while building their home! Amazing things these people are doing and I just love their kids and their all around spirit!

Plant Abundance: on YouTube here This guy is sort of homesteading but I follow him because he is very into Permaculture and his food forest in his backyard is only 3-4 years old and is a total inspiration to me!!!

Pure Living for Life: on YouTube here  This couple recently moved to Idaho totally off grid living in a camper while they setup their off grid beginner homestead! It is truly valuable to see the whole process, the nitty gritty, from the very beginning!

Crystal Cottage Off Grid: on YouTube here This woman is in Arkansas (woo hoo, my home state) totally doing off grid living by herself, in the middle of the mountains and is just such a power house. She’s a true inspiration!


If you want to check out ALL the people I subscribe to (not all directly homesteading or gardening related, beware, lol!) you can check out MY YouTube channel here!




Books are a GREAT way to learn, one of the best I believe! I’ve always loved to read and so after going through a lot of videos online a lot of books were randomly mentioned, recommended and reviewed and so I made myself a list! And then after I got them in I did a video to show which all ones I’m starting with!




And stay tuned very soon for my first book review via YouTube as well!




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Books I’m reading to learn about homesteading & permaculture! *YouTube video*

I have always been an avid reader and it’s something I just LOVE to do to relax and enrich my mind. Which also is why I love to write! So I knew to really dig into research for homesteading and permaculture I needed to not just troll YouTube videos of fellow like minded (awesome) people but I needed to READ, stuff from the pros! So I have an Amazon wishlist that is just for books and I tell ya…it’s a mile long! (literally 120 books in there right now) and not only is my 1 bookshelf in my living room full (of books I’ve mostly read) but each nightstand by my bed has at least 6 on it. Coincidentally, the left side is all my homesteading books and the right side is all my historical and philosophical books that I enjoy so much. So…I have plenty to read and learn from to enrich my life and “grow my brain” (as I always say) and so I will resist the urge to order more for awhile.


Now about the books; I met this wanna be future Homesteader family with like minded ideas and values on a Homesteading Facebook group and we began chatting one on one and really hit it off. So before Christmas they asked me if they could send me a present. So I asked for books! I sent them a list of 5 that I’d love to have any 1 of them and they actually sent me all 5! So I put together this video on YouTube of the books I got from them and a special shout out to them! If you love any of these or have read any, let me know!




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