09-10-15 Hair change and outside home decor

I found this neat little magazine at the store one day! It is full of a lot of great stories, info and links to websites and blogs with more info. It might be more worth subscribing to, it was $10 or $15 for just this one at the store!

Riley and I came home one night after dark and although the Sonoran Toads (Sonoran Toads on the farm) had gone away, we see this Tarantula! I do not do spiders. At all. And it was big. I will just say quickly, we killed it. I freaked out and Riley grabbed a rock or something and threw it at it and eventually killed it. The reason I say that I will “quickly” tell the story is because when I put that on Facebook I got a lot of crap over killing a “harmless spider”. Let me say, any spider in my house, in my bed or in my kid’s bed is NOT harmless. So you do what you gotta do!

I am all for all natural. And especially when it comes to my skin. The only unnatural thing that goes on my body or my face is make up and even that I try to wear lightly and not daily. I use all natural products for face wash, moisturizer, make up remover, etc made by a good friend in New Mexico who is an Esthetician and makes everything custom for each customer based on their skin’s needs and she is super affordable! You can find her on Facebook here!

In this picture I’m using a skin lightening lemon cream face mask she made for me once I noticed I was getting dark spots or age spots. I have spent so much time working outside in the last few months and I noticed some spots in a few places on my face that had NOT been there before. I freaked out and sent her a message asking what could be up! She made me this and I’m proud to say how amazing she is!

I went to the dark side! Lol! I’ve had brown hair with blonde highlights and blonde hair underneath for about 3-4 years now. I like the ombre (spelling?) look, felt it suited me. But I was also looking for a change and with everyone’s excitement in the beauty business for people to go dark in the Fall, I thought I might as well, too! So I took it back to a dark chestnut which is actually my natural color. In this picture on the right just the day after coloring it it even seemed SO dark to me but it only took  me a few days to fall in love with it! Now I’m happy as a clam with dark brown hair!

I met a new client a couple of months ago who had this adorable burlap wreath in her house so I asked her where she got it and she said another local lady made it. She got me in touch with her and I quickly sent her my request for yellow and black and white chevron! Yes please! She quickly made me this wreath and I love it! I can’t wait to repaint the front door, hate that color. But either way…I look forward to having this woman make me a few more for my front gate and different holiday ones. I just have to figure out how she needs to make the ones for the gate so that they’re wind proof since we get a lot of that out here.

I picked up this metal H sign for our front gate! I’m really excited about it, it is just the right size. Although it is just silver metal and I totally need to paint it because I’d rather it be some nice color. I don’t like it alone on the gate right in the center so I need to come up with something to add with it, after it is painted so that it looks better. Little changes here and there and this place is coming to life!

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