Making homemade fried potatoes & a new kitchen tool!!!

I was super blessed to get this DashGo peeler for Christmas from my aunt which is coming in super handy in the kitchen!! So I did a YouTube video on how it works and people are loving it everywhere! If you want to check out that video you can find it here!


I went on to use said tool to help me make my fried potatoes and I will never peel those by hand EVER again, unless I run out of batteries, lol!


So if you’re curious how you make EASY fried potatoes the southern way then you definitely want to check out the video on how to do it on YouTube! I probably won’t post or share frequently about cooking as I’m not sure how much of an audience there is for that and I’m not a pro or anything. I actually have just been honing in my cooking skills the last 12-18 mths and now I’m trying to learn how to do things the “hard” way, the old school traditional BY  HAND method for everything! As that fits greatly in with my idea of homesteading and so anything I can do to not need “modern convenience” I’m all for it.




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