Our First Day Home Schooling – online studies


In a previous post, you can find here I mentioned that I decided to use the Charlotte Mason Method for our Home Schooling curriculum but that does not include math. So I spoke to a few friends and I thought we might do something online since math is one of Riley’s best subjects anyway. And pretty much everything else I had decided to do through books and hands on experience so that left nothing to do online and Riley was really looking forward to some studies being done online.


So after researching a few different online options I found IXL which offers math and language arts for K-12, basically. You can register any number of students, all work, grades and progress are tracked for you and daily updates are emailed to the parent’s email to let you know what accomplishments they got done that day. You can sign up for math or language arts only for $9/mth or you can sign up for both for $15/mth! I signed up for both since we can cancel it any time so if WE decide that method of either isn’t working great for him then I can just cancel it and not have money wasted on supplies and books.


So our first day doing home schooling we did just math and language arts online because my other materials hadn’t arrived in the mail yet after ordering them online.


Online free assessment tests

So we started with an online math assessment which showed Riley placed half-way through 6th grade Math which was a touch ahead of where he should be so that was great. So we dove right into it and started working through math problems and he was doing great. I knew the first several lessons should be material he already knows so even though I didn’t think he’d need me hands on, I sat there with him to go over everything and see how it worked out and how he did with it. It was a success!


Language Arts

A subject I had always known wasn’t Riley’s strong suit but there wasn’t an assessment test for it so we just started with the 6th grade level and he fumbled hardcore through the first lesson. So I opened up the 5th grade section and thought I’d go through the first few sections until we found stuff he did for sure know and he INSISTED he didn’t know any of that material either. So, we decided to start there. So he is officially a touch over a year behind in language arts but at this point moving forward we will be focusing on everything one on one so I’m confident we can cover some good ground the rest of this school year. And my primary concern will be making sure he understands these fundamentals to move onward and upward from here.



There were NO fits or emotional break downs on our Day 1! haha! But, all we did was math and language arts online. I can’t wait to go over how things went once we got our Charlotte Mason materials in the mail!




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