We have identified some of our trees!!!

I put this video on YouTube and shared it all over Facebook on local gardening groups asking for help in identifying a few trees in my front yard!


And success!!!!!!!!!



I’d like to introduce to you my 3 trees in the front yard! They are Chinese Pistache Trees! This is what they will look like in a year or two when they’re more mature and healthy AND they get passed the straggly young phase!



Chinese Pistache Tree

download (1)




pistache on kirkwood 2011 b


Love!!!!!!!! IF love was a tree I think it’d look something like this beauty!!!


Then on the west side of the front yard are two LIVE OAK trees!!!


This is what they look like young, like mine are.





And then one day when it gets a little older it’ll look like this!




I just love learning about these trees that are here so that I know how and when to prune them, how to properly care for them so that they can come back to life and be wonderful blessings on our homestead!! You will see these guys in future videos on the YouTube channel for sure!




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Check out my WET future food forest!

We had a good 2 inches of rain here a little less than a week ago and when I went out to let the dogs out after the rain had stopped I decided to tour my future food forest and see where all it was holding water. Boy did I learn a lot! You can check out the video on YouTube here!!!





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May 22, 2015 A decision was made!

In mid May 2015 the seller of “the little farm” approached me with an offer. The house had been on the market since December and not selling, much to my dismay as the listing agent. So we would often chat on the phone about what we could do, why it wasn’t selling, etc. One day while on the phone he asked me if I’d live in the house! He said he didn’t want to rent it out but he knew how much time I spent there, how I’d go over once every month or two and do weeds MYSELF, keep the porch swept off. He knew I was a country girl and he also knew that we had moved around a few times in the last year trying to find our place in life. I was actually shocked by the idea initially, I guess because I hadn’t thought of it myself. I talked to a friend of mine and he said “Yeah, do it, you will love it out there, that’s where you belong anyway isn’t it?” So I got to thinking about it and then before I made my decision I brought Riley out to see the house. He had been there a time or two with me but never to see the house as a potential  new home for us. So that day we headed out and went to the house. I took a few photos that day of the “front yard” because while there I got to thinking about how exciting it’d be to live on an 8 acre property and all the different things we could do and animals we could have! Here are those photos!

The front gate to the property with my sign still up!

The “front yard” as I call it encompasses about 2 of the 8 acres and include the part that the house sits on. The back 6 acres are an L shaped part of the property fenced in for horses. So the front yard is large…and just wide open and dirt.

This is right inside the gate and to the right.

Out in the middle of the front yard is the well and well pump.

NE corner of the property

East side of the property

Me standing in the road, across the street from the house to take a picture with the house, property and my sign behind me! =D I was excited, in case you can’t tell!

So, I talked to Riley about it and he was going to be finishing up 5th grade within the week so we decided that is what we’d do. I talked to the seller and the house came off the market. We drew up a lease purchase agreement as he has some loose ends to tie up with the property and I have some things to do with my credit before I buy it. Part of our agreement was that I would get to live in it for a very reasonable rent payment and in return I would work on the property and grounds in a way that would better the home yet not drastically change anything before I do the actual purchase.

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