09-01-15 Storm damage, road runners and babies

September welcomed us with some nice changes! Riley was settling into his new school and we were getting into some new morning and evening weekday routines!

AND a new baby! My cousin Amanda had her 4th baby girl, Amelia!!! I love babies and babies love me! It was a treasure to get to go spend time with this 12 hour old baby girl!!

Just a fun picture of my 3 loves! My now 11 year old son (his birthday the end of August) and our 2 fur babies!

We had a pretty big storm the end of August and since this was in the BACKYARD I didn’t even notice it until a day or two after the storm. I haven’t been doing a ton of work outside so when I walked out to put clothes on the line I was greeted with this in the far back corner of the backyard. Sadness.

So, that’s no good. Thankfully, since we’re still in a lease purchase agreement and not the owner yet I called the seller about it and he said he’ll have someone out soon to get it all taken care of. Not to mention the part that fell down was part that was put up new not much more than a year ago so it was their work, which they should basically warranty, especially since it is a contractor we regularly use.

One day mid morning I’m hanging out on the couch watching my Cooking show addictions (Pioneer Woman) and out my front window onto the deck I see this little guy. A road runner!!! He was just hanging out on my porch railing like it was nothin’! It just amazes me all the wild life out here that just approaches you or…hangs out on your porch! Lol! I’m not scarred of these guys although I wouldn’t approach it to pet it or anything. I did also find amusement in the fact that it is Riley’s school mascot, lol!

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