08-11-15 Critters on the farm!

One thing we are not short on here on the farm is…wild life, critter style! Animals do not bother me but for some reason the small, scurrying type REALLY bother me. I guess because they can jump on you, fly  up and smack you in the face, crawl on your skin, sneak through the front door, get in the car with you, jump up your leg when you’re outside wearing a dress! Uggghghghghgh! Yuck! So, the critters waited until the rain came to come out and “introduce” themselves to us.

This REALLY bright neon green beetle was chilling on the front gate one day when I was leaving. I had never seen that color of one before so, of course, I had to take pictures!

These rabbits live somewhere on our property. I am no expert but I think they’re cottontail rabbits because….they have white cotton tails, lol! Now every evening when we come home at dusk or after, up to 7 take off running across the yard! These don’t bother me I’m just always surprised to see so many of them because when I’m just out walking around or working on projects I rarely see them around the property.

So here in the desert we have the Sonoran Toad…which is code for fat, juicy, ugly frog…that is also poisonous! These guys wouldn’t kill an adult however they have taken out small animals, small dogs, medium sized dogs and even made very small children (toddler and younger) very sick! They only come out when it is raining. However, this year I saw them around our property up to 2 weeks after all the rain stopped. They did get to be VERY predictable, thank God. They would come out after dark and hang out right at that spot in the picture which is the start of the walk way from the driveway up to the pergola up to the deck and front door. Above that is an archway with a light hanging from it. That light is left on all at all times. I’m guessing they gravitate towards the light because we would always see them there. EVERY time I’d come home after dark and they were out they creeped me out so bad that I would make Riley walk in front of me and use a stick or something to scare them off the walk way because I didn’t want to have to walk close to them since the majority of the time I was in sandals or flip flops. And just the thought of these guys jumping at or on my feet makes me want to VOMIT, ewww! 

I had to throw in this adorable picture of Bella sleeping on the couch with her head hanging off because…why not! <3

Here is PROOF how hot it gets here! 123 degrees with 37% humidity (not a rainy day) and mid August midday! And see how hot it was inside? 87 degrees! That’s because the AC doesn’t work great here so even if I had the AC on 80 (which is conservative) it still couldn’t cool the house that cool during those hot summer days! We eventually caved in and bought some fans for throughout the house which did help a ton but I think next summer we’ll have to get a window unit for at least the 2 hottest months of the year. Because we did have the AC serviced about 2 mths ago so how it was performing this summer is the best it is going to get due to poor insulation and old windows!

A good shot of a county woman’s nightstand! Love my Arriat boots!

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